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Eros Candle(All things love & more)

Image of Eros Candle(All things love & more)

God of passion, love, self love, strengthening love, attraction, magnetism, and getting the attention of those you seek. OR calling a certain love back to you.
He's also a fierce protector and will show you others intentions, good or bad.

He is NOT cupid, he is an actual god, and can influence your relationships to work more in your favor, but always ask kindly and without anger in your heart. He can be vengeful if needed.

If you have love for material gain, spiritual gain etc, he will bring it to you in the most random ways..I met a teacher years ago who helped me understand energetic modality work within months of asking Eros to find me help.

He needs his own spaces unless he's with gods from his region, i.e. persephone, hades, etc.

He will come with full instructions. I'm going to only make small batches of this candle to start. This candle has Domination, Attraction, Manifest & Spirit oil on it as well.

His oil will enhance your intentions with him, if you have it.

I will start shipping this one middle of next week so they can remain on his altar for 5 days.

You'll receive 1-(one) candle that you can snuff out and reuse multiple times. I advise burn on a fireproof dish as the chunky root could catch fire.

The candle has a scent as it's his scents, which is Benzoin & Rose absolute. same as his oil.