Beyond Mediums


Hathor (Glamour)

Image of Hathor (Glamour)

Glamour Magick at it's finest.
1-Candle,1-1/2 oil.(photo shows both angles of candle)

This lush 5 inch candle comes with a 1/2 ounce oil to wear. The offerings are sealed on the candle so all you will need is a glass of water to set near it when you burn.

Use this energy to bring a more youthful appearance, to have a natural glow and turn some heads.
You will notice how you feel visibly too! Wear the oil ( just a dab on each wrist) to keep that appeal going when you go out.

Show your beauty, radiate your beauty!

A lot of time and attention to detail has been put in these, so they are in small batches only. It will be normal to feel light headed or tingly when using this one.


Instructions for this are simple and you can add to it!
I ( your name) am attractive in all ways, to myself & all that I come into contact with, my spirit is seen as beauty, my light is seen and I am beautiful, healthy and glowing in all ways! I radiate.

(please put a glass of water next to the candle the entire burn.)
Wear the oil saying "I am" Mantras every day!