Beyond Mediums

About us

Seth Browder -

Seth is a international psy/medium & advanced energy worker, helps many people with gifts & to understand them.

Since a child he's been around spirits utilizing energy and seeing how the two work, even going "ghost busting" with his father at a young age, his father would use him as a human spirit detector.

just shy of his teenage years everything went full force and became something bigger than he could understand, however, having both a mother and grandmother who also had gifts he had a good "psychic medium support system".

Now with a large client base in the U.S. and Internationally, he still finds time to help those who need it. 

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Maricela Duarte-

Maricela is a natural medium, with a gift she never fully understood as a child. She experienced paranormal activity constantly throughout her life.

Eventually she learned that she didn't just have one gift, she had several of them, one of them being speaking with angels and seeing their light. It helped her feel safe, secure and protected pushing her curiosities further to experience what's on the other side, not only does she hold multiple gifts, she is a certified reiki master, works in many metaphysical fields and is a herbal alchemist. Her goal is to use her natural gifts and help those in need when guided her way.

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Seth Browder & Maricela Duarte are located in Colorado. They are available for phone readings or in person with proper arrangements. for any unanswered questions.