Beyond Mediums


Archangels, Cyprian, Expedite Oil

Image of Archangels, Cyprian, Expedite Oil

These Oils are in the works and still have some ritual work left to do on each of them.

These are special as they are full of the Archangels, or Saints involved energy.
They each have their special Nazareth Blessed raw incense/offering in the oil.

They will have a light smell to them that are all skin safe (although I'd still test it if you are super sensitive)

They may be worn (set an intention before so), used as a direct offering, or to dress your own candles.

Archangels - this contains 5, Metatron Michael Raphael Gabriel & Uriel. This is a great one to ask the energies of them to help obtain what you desire.

Saint Expedite - Use in personal work for quicker results, use to bless his statues or offerings to him. Wear before gambling or job interview to extra swift luck!

Saint Cyprian - You may wear this one, but it is a heavier energy as he's a bulldozer to open up doors, to bring you knowledge and break any past or current negative workings. Use for added protection in any work, or any road opening work. Use to bless all offerings for him if you work with him often.(can be used in darker workings)

These are only offered in 2oz bottles