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Banish Oil

Image of Banish Oil

Banish oil!

This is intended to use on your personal workings, not really to wear but you can, although you may feel super heavy if you do. This is exactly if ByeBitch & Telum merged into one.

Dabbing on items to cleanse and literally clear the energy from: mirrors, antiques, or to use in all removing of curse/hex work, its a reversal also so it will not only remove the work on you or your targeted person, it will send it back with full force to the original sender.

If you want to use in your home as a long acting clearing & protection agent, start at front door and dab a tiny bit onto finger touching TOP of door frames, windows, closets etc. Move clockwise until you reach front door again. This will create a shield per se and keep all out (including people) that shouldn't be there.

Nightmares? Dab on bed frame to clear and help clear nightmares.

You may add a few drops to your bath for an extreme spiritual bath cleanse.

DO NOT: put on your protective amulets or talismans or crystals of any kind. The only thing you could add it to is your railroad spikes to super charge them up.

Note: The stem with thorns in the bottle is put in fresh and will start to rot, which is intentional to it add to its potency.