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Cleanse & Protect limited

Image of Cleanse & Protect limited

This is ritually blessed

This is a great once a month extreme cleanse and protection candle.(5 inch)

The Nails in the candle become a host for anything negative, bad work, negative intentions, or nasty parasitic spirits or energy. when it's done burning, you must take the entire left overs with the nails, and toss them outside of your home.

Note: if you are working with another worker and their work or spirits are low vibrational, it will remove it all.

This is a powerhouse of a candle, and once a month is all that's needed.

I only made an additional handful, and can only be made under each full moon.

Directions will accompany it. You will need a lemon cut or whole next to it while burning it. (yes, you have to toss the lemon too)