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Cleansing Bath Bars

Image of Cleansing Bath Bars

As someone who is very particular about skin products, I have been skeptical about most products, such as soaps. Truth be told, I shudder at the thought of using bar soaps because they never wash off. My partner has recently come across a particular soap that is sensitive to my skin issues, and has also incorporated scents to help ground, heal, and cleanse parts of me aromatically and spiritually--using essential oils to help create a spiritual bathing experience.

Charcoal Clay Bath Bar: Within this particular blend is a mixture of activated charcoal and kaolin clay. Both create a detox, while exfoliating the body of dead skin which is safe for the face, but also help rejuvenate the body for replenishing the new. This bath bar holds the scents of Frankincense, which spiritually cleanses you, grounds you, and exorcises old demons from within you. It also has the scent of bergamot which de-stresses the body, helps alleviate pain, and acts as an anti-bacterial. The final scent is grapefruit. This particular scent also balances the stress levels and acts as an anti-bacterial agent, while helping to regulate the mood balance.

Cedarwood Citris Bath Bar: The beautiful blends of scents all become mood stabilizers, making this particular bar a life saver. Each essential oil acts to alleviate stressful times, especially the cedarwood. This particular essential oil cleanses the mind, and relaxes the body. It also helps reduce dry skin irritation and helps jump start Monday mornings! The citrus blend is a mixture of grapefruit and lemon oils, which add a zest of sunrise. Each oil does act as an astringent, antibacterial, and helps regulate the stresses of the day. Enjoy this bath.

Lavender Florida Water Bath Bar: This bath bar experience is blended to create a calming affect of bathing. Enjoy the alluring scent of lavender and allow it to relieve the tensions of the day, before bedtime. Let it de-stress, calm, and sooth your anxieties, aromatically. Mixed within this bar is the spiritual cleanse of Florida Water. Anoint yourself and balance the energies of tomorrow.

Rose Bergamot Bath Bar: The heart is the center of love, but also each heart is not perfect. This cleansing bath bar is scented with rose to help attract the heart's desire. Wash away old love to create anew. It is tipped with hints of Bergamot, which guides the senses into a spiritual bliss. Bathe yourself in self-love.

Lemon Eucalyptus: This grounding soap is helpful during times of discomfort, especially during ailments of sickness. It wakens the senses and clears the sinuses, while adding a zest of spring with lemongrass. Welcome the morning.