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Deterge Group Ritual July 18th-20th

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Deterge: My once a year ritual. July 18th eve 19th eve 20th eve.
This group ritual will be a very detailed and deep one that will take me 3 consecutive evenings. 3 seperate workings. This first part, I will do the ritual and the 2nd part will be mailed to you.
If you've done this one before, another round will help clear any buildup you may have from your normal day to day.

If you are feeling stuck, or like you just can’t get ahead in this life, chances are it could be something I call “inherited karmic patterns” that you take on from your parents, grandparents and so on.

What this ritual will do:
-remove parasitic energies
-remove hexes
-remove curses & generational curses
-remove ill will
-remove karmic patterns from you that are attached to anything ancestor related that have been passed and carried on over and over.
-remove slander on you, your name etc.
-remove blockages
-remove stagnant energy and create flow
-put a protective shield around you
-help maintain blessings, luck and grounding

This isn’t just a cut and dry ritual, you may see signs, you may not. You may feel amazing right away, depending on what is going on, you may feel amazing weeks after.

Just and FYI: This will be heavy at first, and once things are broken apart and disconnected from you, you will start to notice how things flow so much easier into your life. Your dreams may also be very intense.

Warning: This could break apart relationships that are based on trauma bonds or are violent. This could shake up your entire life if you are not on a path that works for your highest good.

In the end, you will have more balance and your life much more sorted without any carried baggage from your lineage.

NOTE: This will not remove any high vibrational workings, or active work that benefits you.

The part being sent to you: You need to follow through to feel the full results.
You will be mailed a special salt herbal blend, made by Byron, to do 3 foot soaks with or 3 baths. I charge these also with Usui energy. Try to do this within a couple weeks.
Then: Jules is hand making a very special little pouch that will be packed with herbs oils and multiple chants/prayers to carry with you, or leave near where you sleep. It will protect, defend, deflect, and ground.