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Domination Oil

Image of Domination Oil

This is one of my personal favorites!
I debated over the last 2 years if I should release it, and have been asked so much that I felt it was time.

This is done is very small batches, and over some time.

You can use on candle work, all control and domination work or on physical money to attract more to you. A dab on the wrists to control what you allow throughout your day.

Give it a command "I command you to, bring me more success, dominate and control the work I'm doing. Command all near me to treat me with respect"

***Be cautious of this one, it's not only potently charged, it can easily get you into trouble if used to bend wills***

Note: Nut Allergy, do not wear on the skin if you are allergic to nuts, as it has traces of almond.