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Eros Oil limited batch

Image of Eros Oil limited batch

God of passion, love, self love, strengthening love, attraction, magnetism, and getting the attention of those you seek.

Works on or with all genders.

If you work in any adult industry, this will enhance and enchant your clients.

This oil went through his entire ritual, although I made a small batch, I will continue this every few weeks or so.

Benzoin & Rose are two of his favorite scents, and it smells divine!

Wear a little on each wrist saying: Eros bring to me the attention of...or strengthen my self love and magnetism. or play with the words, but you must address him in a kind manner.

You may use this oil in all love work, all attraction work and all domination work.

Note: Benzoin is a powerful oil when broken down from its raw resin state. test a little on your wrist first to make sure no adverse reactions pop up.