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Protection Candle w/ Black Tourmaline

Image of Protection Candle w/ Black Tourmaline

1 - Protection Candle [5 to 7 day burn]

These fixed candles are charged with an intention that is very effective in obtaining protection, creating protective blocks, and balancing its user from residual energy that may cause uneasiness. Over a course of three days, these candles are prepared and blessed, and dressed with herbs and oils to create stability and sanctuary.

Comes with a small, easy to carry piece of Black Tourmaline. Black Tourmaline is a protective stone that deflects negative energy. (sizes vary, and if smaller, you will get two small pieces)

Instruction will accompany the product when shipped..

✷✷✷ For $10 more, I will personally burn a purchased candle upon one of my altars. Please email [email protected] for an invoice of the financial difference [shipping cost will be deducted]. To conduct rituals, I will need personal information to begin the process of healing.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: All items sold as curio only--nothing is guaranteed. Please do not ingest any products. Merchant is not responsible for any reverse or adverse action. Please consult a physician before using if pregnant and/or nursing. This product does not cure, prevent, treat, or diagnose any ailments. Please read ingredient list to ensure no reactions to product.