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God & Goddess Oil set

Image of God & Goddess Oil set

These oils consist of a few different aspects, oils (moon oil base) and direct evocations of several deities I work with, all blended into two very feminine and masculine oils.

Gods - with some major deities (Egyptian, greek and Eastern)
Is great to feel strong, confident, mentally clear, focused, and ready for anything, draws luck, attraction and dressing a candle with this you can focus on something and watch it finds its way to you. Work with more masculine deities easily.

Goddess - also, Egyptian , Greek and Eastern .
This is a great oil to wear out on the town, radiate a natural glow, and balance all your meridians while wearing it. Great to mediate with, offerings, even feeding your amulets and statues with. Work with more feminine or non binary deities more easily.

These two are very unique as I never thought I would release them, I've always made them this way for myself and whom ever I was working with. They both respond really well when mixed with Lightning oil.