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Hathor Group Ritual (Open Now)

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To Celebrate the seasons! Lets feel and look our best, spiritually, mentally & physically.

Tuesday, May 14th Hathor This is a group ritual that will work directly with some big energies to bring into your life.

-Self love
-Beauty (All Genders)
-Bewitching (attractiveness in all ways)
-Magnetism & Glamour
-SexAppeal (for YOU & to others)
-Health & Healing(Sexually, Spiritually,Mentally & Physically)

THIS IS NOT LOVE WORK. Orders will be mailed towards end of month!

In the notes please put your First & Last name, and Date of Birth. The Oils will be charged during this ritual and sent out shortly after. This does not require a petition

The Oil is easy to use and has lovely scents of magnolia sandalwood and black jasmine. Simply dab a bit on wrists, back of head and dab a small bit on your chest area. She will come through.

Select below which option is best for you. Candle will come with detailed instructions.
The Poppets and items will start to be sent out within a few days after the ritual.