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Healthy Weight candle & oil set

Image of Healthy Weight candle & oil set

This was by far my most requested in the "custom set"
After taking a vote, we decided to make it it's own item.
1- candle 1- .5 ounce oil.

This goes through a ceremony blessing, little different than my ritual blessed ones.
The spirits in this one are trained to help curb unhealthy habits and addictions with spirit & physical health. You will wear the oil every day, and burn the candle at least 2 hours a day.

When you get this candle, set the oil next to it, with a glass of water that you will change out every time you burn the candle.
I (state your name) evoke the spirits of this candle and oil to hear me now and do thy will!
State what you'd like them to start doing for you i.e. help me lose 10 pounds , help me stop craving sugar, help me to be the best & healthiest weight etc..

You will do this daily until candle can't burn anymore.

YOU WILL NEED TO: Change habits slowly, you'll notice how much easier this will become, don't just stop everything, move more, allow this energy to help enhance everything you are doing. Walk 15 minutes a day, if that's your cup of tea. Action creates action with this one.

You will notice that your dreams may be vivid and strange, these spirits have a knack for doing that showing they are around.

When you snuff out the candle tell the spirits thank you. Don't over think it, just allow it.