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This is for Oct 14th Solar Eclipse, officially ready. being poured and bottled now!

During the New Moon & Solar Eclipse I'm working large jars of oil with some big energies, due to limited amounts, I am going to do my smaller bottles, half ounce.

You can wear this oil, you can use it in your own work. Beginners or Advanced workers

What does this oil do?
It comes with the proper offerings for the spirits I worked in the ritual in the oil
It's main focus is removing the feeling of being stuck, but, literally removing it.

Removing Blockages from
Getting ahead
Connecting to your guides or other deities.
Use to strengthen all work in Dark work, or in Light work.
It's very universal

Rub on your money, your wallets, or write out a business plan and use the oil in that work to achieve it more smoothly.
Rub on your hands before gambling to encourage the flow of winning.
Wear on job interviews to be seen, heard and wanted
Wear it on yourself to help with self esteem issues
You may also use it on photos of your loved ones to help them flow easier

This is truly one of the strongest oils I've done that's multitasking
Use it in ALL magick work to remove any blockages, especially in legal work.

Once its gone, I gotta wait for another eclipse to work another jar.

Test a small amount on yourself to make sure you are not allergic to any of these herbs in it.

Rub on bottoms of your feet and a little on back of head before sleep to remove veils and "see" more and remember more.

if you work with Akashic records, this will open up doors. This will magnify all Solomonic spirits, Goetic spirits, human & planetary spirits. will be a great offering for al deities as well.

I will start pouring this oil when it's finished ritual process.

Available now.
.5 ounce