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Lucious Lip Balms

Image of Lucious Lip Balms

It took a moment to create these small delicacies. Each lip balm is designed for the fitted season.

Lemon Balm Citrus: Lemon Balm infused olive oil is used to help ease stressful moments that need soothing. Cold weather, heated summers, dry seasons will be calmed with the Lemon Balm Citrus.

Rosemary Peppermint: This special blend gives tingly sensation for the winter months. Infused with peppermint, coconut, olive oil, shea butter, and essential oils, this blend will heat up cold lips during the dry seasons.

Autumn Spice: Made just for the season, this blend is used as protection when it comes to clove, orange, and cinnamon. Protect your lips with spice. Spice up your cold nights with Autumn.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Please do not use any listed products if allergic to any of the ingredients. This product is not intended to treat, diagnose, care, or prevent any diseases. Consult local physician before taking if you are or may be pregnant. Merchant is not responsible for any reverse or adverse action.