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Lucky Money

Image of Lucky Money

This combo includes a Money candle, gifted with intention, and paired with the power of a horseshoe, It is said, the horseshoe absorbs the energy of the animal that vibrates speed. Each horseshoe is charged under specific moons. Each were sealed under the last Blue Moon of 2020. Each horseshoe holds a specific power to attract and draw money, plus the evoke the power of luck to its user; this horseshoe will summon success for each ritual performed with the Money Candle, and rituals thereafter. The energy of the Money Candle will carry over and over.

The horseshoe is a limited item and, when sold out, the Lucky Money combo will be no more--or at least until more horses will become available, then charged again over a period of time. Until then, you can always use the Money Candle or the Crown of Success to bring forth prosperity within your ritual.

These horseshoes are naturally rusted. Each horseshoe is worn and tarnished by the active horse. The beauty of the horseshoe is used to protect your success and safeguard your finances.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: All items sold as curio only--nothing is guaranteed. Please do not ingest any listed products. Merchant is not responsible for any reverse or adverse action.

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