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Psychic/Medium Readings

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Holiday Season is a SUPER busy time for readings. Please allow up to 4-6 days for an emailed link with schedule.

Psychic/Medium Reading with Seth Browder. Please select a one-hour or one half-hour reading option.

In this reading you can have Seth speak with your loved ones whom have passed, explore your gifts and help guide you to healing. This one can get invasive so it's good to be prepared for the hidden to be exposed. Seth can also pull up bad work that's been done to you or your loved ones and give you help on fixing it. He is a Seer, and will utilize remote viewing to scan you, your home and environment if you need.

After making the purchase, the client will receive a personal message with suggestions for availability. Please allow a 3-5 day period for an electronic response.
Scheduling goes in order of purchase date.

You will receive an email from [email protected]
Paige is the only one that deals with scheduling.
If you haven’t heard within the 5 days you can email THAT email or check your spam folders.

***NOTE - With a huge client base, and readings being done daily, keep this in mind when ordering as sometimes the wait can be long.

No refunds. No exceptions.

All readings will be conducted by phone unless other wise asked or international.