Beyond Mediums


Money Oil

Image of Money Oil

This oil has been requested for a long time!
I usually only make this particular one for myself, but I decided it was time.

These spirits are designed to be commanded to find you sources of income, or encourage money growth in your life.
Got bills that need paid? dab a little on your palms and hold the bill reciting "This bill is paid, or money will come to pay these bills" etc.

Wear it on your wrists, and bottoms of feet to attract it, use in your own work, your own candles, or rub on a dollar bill that you keep in your purse or wallet.

You may feel light headed when using this one as it is a lot of spirit energies attached.

Scent is a light whiskey ish smell, subtle not overwhelming.

Real money shredded, roots and bay.

Go big or go home!