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Moon Cycle Oil

Image of Moon Cycle Oil

According to my witting on the lid, I buried this in 2018 to be under every moon and sun cycle, It definitely has an earthier type of smell which I'll defuse with some sandalwood to calm the smell a bit.

I can only make a couple dozen bottles with this one, as I'm going to make a large batch of my manifest & domination oil with it.

This is definitely potent, and can be used in ANY work to multiply it. I secretly so excited about this one, I use pull them out of the yard each year, but this one has gone through 3-4 multiple cycles of the moon, eclipses, sun and planetary rotations.

If you work with Keys of Solomon this would be highly loved by those spirits.

You probably can wear it, however I'd test a little on your wrist first since it's seriously been sitting with herbs for 4 years in the earth.