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Moon Cycle Oil

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This is a very special oil, the jars have sat underneath every moon cycle and every ritual & sun cycle all of 2021.

I'm only selling a small batch of the 2oz bottles as it's the base for many other oils I do collab with in other oils Karo and I do.

What can you do with this oil? Really, it can be worked with just about anything, except love work. The oil has been influenced by multiple spirits and is great with protection, money, road opening, cleansing and clearing, binding and removals.

It has a VERY earthy smell to it, so I added some mint to it to soften that.

Personally I feel this is a great oil to use to bless your spiritual objects, fetishes, amulets etc. Also, great for all protection work.

These herbs have been sitting in the oil for a year, so if you want to wear it, make sure you don't have an adverse effect to it's potency. try a small dab on the feet or wrists.

This oil is the main oil in my Domination & Manifest oil from previous years. This is the pure oil from the main jars.