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Beyond Mediums selected each herb, carefully, for the current times and stresses of the world. Each tincture was prepared with the intention to aid and protect and cleanse the body of toxic-thoughts/impurities that may inhibit illness physically, mentally, and spiritually. As part of the process towards creation, each tincture was prepared with 190 Proof Organic Cane Alcohol, which extracts the essence and preserves the beauty of the plant in liquid form.

**Holy Basil (Tulsi): a powerful herb used to adapt to the stresses of the mind. Tulsi is an adaptogenic herb used to alleviate depression, stress, and create a better sleep for those with sleep ailments. Tulsi is an herb to help re-center, re-focus, and re-calibrate the mind's circadian rhythm with balance. Tulsi also helps regulate blood sugar.

**Siberian Ginseng: a cleansing herb used to reinvigorate the male body by helping to reenergize the sexual energy as it adapts to the stresses of everyday aging, everyday mental impacts, and everyday realities of living. This plant is considered the male tonic herb used to help improve endurance, metabolism, fight fatigue, and help build testosterone. There are also anti-cancer properties, as well as cold-fighting capabilities. Siberian Ginseng helps balance high and low blood pressure, and helps resist infectious diseases.

**Astragulus/Ashwagandha: two herbs chosen to help aid a deficient immune system. Astragulus (King of All Herbs) can help protect the immune system, while aiding in adrenal fuction and digestion. This herb increases the metabolism, produces sweating, promotes healing, combat fatigue, and increase stamina. This is great for colds, flues, immunity deficiency--including AIDS, cancer, and tumors. Ashwagandha is an ayurvedic herb used to rejuvenate and energize the nervous system. It aids in preventing stress-related depletion of Vitamin C and cortisol. It increases physical endurance and improves stamina. It is an anti-inflammatory and stimulates the immune function.

Nettle: [Do not use if taking blood thinners, blood pressure medication, diabetes medication, lithium] a mult-purpose herb used that acts as an anti-inflammatory. This particular herb, not only fights against allergens, but also aids as an expectorant, a pain reliever, and helps as a hair/scalp tonic, which helps and tones the metabolic system. This herb is a reproductive tonic for men and women, and helps alleviates the symptoms of premenstral syndrome and menopause. Great for energy, great for strengthening weak kidneys, great for liver disorders. Used to treat arthritis and lower back pain, also treat enlarged prostate symptoms, and lower blood pressure, while controlling the blood sugar.

Oregon grape: A distant cousin of Goldenseal and Barberry, Oregon grape is known to re-balance the stomach of its ailments. Oregon grape is also known to purify the blood and cleanse the liver, plus help lower blood sugar. It helps act as a laxative and helps relieve the stomach of bloat and constipation; but also, help the stomach relieve itself of ulcers, relieve upset stomach, and cleanse the bowels. It is good for skin condition, from acne to eczema to psoriasis, and help fight infections. DO NOT TAKE IF PREGNANT or WANTING TO BECOME PREGNANT!

Lemon Balm: An anti-viral herb that remedies cold sores, ease insomnia, boost cognitive thinking, relieve indigestion, treat nausea, relieve menstral cramps, ease headaches and toothaches; but most importantly, help reduce stress and anxiety. Stress and anxiety are the main causes of our ailments. Lemon Balm aids in relieving all those stresses to create relaxation of the body.

**Rhodiola: Like many of the other adaptogenic herbs, Rhodiola helps the body rebalance itself by creating a boost of energy when the body is feeling tired. While re-aligning the body's fatigued state, Rhodiola can improve the body's performance. Like it's family of adoptgens, Rhodiola reduces stress, reduces anxiety, improve brain function, boost energy performance, may reduce blood sugar, and may help fight cancer. This powerful herb is great for when the body is feeling its most tiredness. Replace caffeine with Rhodiola.

Antihista-Me: [Do not use if taking blood thinners, blood pressure medication, diabetes medication, lithium] This blend is created to alleviate the oncoming symptoms of allergies. Each herb is picked to eliminate sneezing, itching, coughing, and runny nose. (1) Ginkgo Biloba is used to prevent or aide in altitude sickness, it helps improve blood circulation and has the ability to tolerate low oxygen levels. Also it reduces narrowing of the airways. (2) Nettle acts as an inflammatory, then becomes an expectorant and pain reliever, while reducing inflammation, and expels mucous. Nettle is good for hay fever and other allergens. (3) **Reishi Mushroom is an adaptogenic herb that improves blood oxygeneration. It is an immune stimulant and has the ability to reduce allergies. (4) Mullein Leaf is an expectorant that aides in asthma, bronchitis, difficult breathing, earache, hay fever, and swollen glands. It has the ability to sooth inflammation.

Anxie-Tincture: [Do not take if allergic to ragweed] This is a multi-use tincture. During the day, you can use this tincture to help alleviate the stresses of the afternoon (with one to three dropperfuls, added to 2oz of water); then, at night, you can up the dosage (between three and five dropperfuls, added to 2oz of water) to helps the user sleep without waking up drowsy or lethargic. This combination is helpful for those with insomnia and restless sleep. (1) Valerian is a sedative, which improves blood circulation. It's good for anxiety, fatigue, high blood pressure and stress. It promotes better sleep quality and longer sleep periods, and alleviates menstral and muscle cramps, nervousness, pain, spasms, and ulcers. (2) Skullcap aids in sleep, but also improves blood flow, and strengthens the heart. It helps relieve muscles cramps, pain, spasms, and stress. It also helps in anxiety, fatigue, while reducing headaches, and hyperactivity, nervous disorders, and aides with addiction/withdrawals. (3) Passionflower is a gentle sedative effect that helps lower the blood pressure. It is a helpful herb for anxiety, hyperactivity, and insomnia. (4) Chamomile is related to rag weed, unfortunately; but it is calming and used in aid for the nervous system. It is anti-inflammatory, which helps with achy joints. This herb is calming, relaxing, a stress reliever, and helps with sore muscles.

Chaga Mushroom: [Do not take if using insulin, blood thinners, have auto-immune disease, or pregnant] This amazing herb is known to help stop the spread of cancerous cells, lower cholesterol, lower blood sugars, prevent cancer. It is also known to kill cancer. This herb fights against colds, stimulates white blood cells. Fights inflammation and has antioxidants. It is also know to build immunity and improve overall health.

Turmeric: Curcumin is the main active ingredient that acts as an anti-inflammatory with strong antioxidants. It is known to lower inflammation, help fight heart disease, fight cancer, fight Alzheimer's, and fight various degenerative conditions. It is a powerful antioxidant that controls free radicals and helps boost memory and learning, but also help brain disorders, depression, and Alzheimer's. Turmeric may prevent cancer and reduce growth of cancerous cells and reduce the spread of cancer. Turmeric is great for arthritis.

Blue Lotus: Used as an Aphrodisiac that triggers happy and euphoric feelings. Helps as a sleep aid and is used as an anxiety reliever. Blue Lotus helps with muscle control and stimulates erectile function. Blue Lotus contains antioxidants, as well.

** Adaptogenic herbs each have the same ability to adapt the body to its daily stresses and create wellness, by cleansing the adrenal glands, and recirculating the emotional, physical, and mental spirit with clear thoughts. Each herb has a particular job, which stimulates, alleviates, and promotes healing of the body.

DIRECTIONS: 1 - 5 dropperfuls, as needed, in 2oz of water. Dilution is important! Do not take in concentrated amounts.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Please do not ingest any listed products if allergic to any of the ingredients. This product is not intended to treat, diagnose, care, or prevent any diseases. Consult local physician before taking if you are or may be pregnant. Merchant is not responsible for any reverse or adverse action. Keep out of reach of children!