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Osiris Candle

Image of Osiris Candle

Highly requested, and although I've held off for the last several years, many of you have gone through many of my rituals, and or worked with my products and I felt it's time to release him now.

I am only making these in small batches at first, as it does take time to properly move his energy around where it needs to be.

Osiris has been my go-to deity for many years now for just about anything, he is a multitasking force and I trust him implicitly.

I personally treat him like a father almost, he's very wise, and very powerful.

He is an underworld god, but moves through realms frequently.
He will show you truth in situations, relationships and your life.
He will show you visions or glimpses of decisions
He will show up in dreams and help you astral travel
He will also fiercely protect you from lower vibrations, evil & earth bound parasites
If you have an enemy he will remove them at your request, even binding their tongues be cautious with wording.
He is also a master healer and will help with all material gain.
I use his oil with money oil to dress my physical money I carry on me.
If you want to advance spiritually & tap onto more of your personal power, he will bring that to you.

Hiis traditional scents all blended together with Desert Tar, Myrrh, Bergamot(citrus) and a few others. But he also likes Nag Champa
His colors are Green Gold Black White

He is a staple in my life and has been over 30 years now. he is very safe.

Instructions will follow with candle.

His oil you can speak to and have it help you in your daily rituals or life.