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Osiris Oil

Image of Osiris Oil

The energy of Osiris is a great way to wake up other aspects of your spiritual growth.
This is NOT an intention oil, it is his energy that you give a job to.

"Your job is to "... etc.

This oil has his traditional scents all blended together with Desert Tar, Myrrh, Bergamot(citrus) and a few others.

This oil can be used for several things, however, Protection and major healing is it's target.

All earth magick
Health and Healing work
Truth (bringing out truth in situations or people)

He is a truth revealer, and WILL show you who is doing work against you (if you feel that is happening to you)

You can easily summon his energy to you to destroy those who are causing you harm (wording is everything with this, be very careful)

May be worn to encourage grounding and protection in layers.