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Out of everyone I work with, Persephone is my goto for just about everything!
She has a huge period of time I respect that I don't work with her, it's all winter. But Spring she's back full force and she IS the queen I love the most! She makes things just smoother and helps in all aspects of my personal life and many others.

You have a few options below:
I will be charging a lot of her Oil, making soaps with it and Jules is hand making Poppets for her, which will hold her energy!

Here's a few things I'll be Evoking from her for anyone getting on. This ritual usually is worked for 3 days.

-Birth of new creative forces
-Fierce protection
-New Financial avenues & Abundance
-Healthy growth patterns & Healing
-Removes any bad work from past & current situations including attachments
-If you have enemies(known or unknown) that are out to cause harm in any way, she will bind them & their tongues and make them known to you
-Major Grounding and balance in both dark & light
-Once connected to you, will always be in ear shot and if you chose to continue working with her it’ll be very natural & easy.

I'll need your name and DOB in the notes section at check out, or email them to me [email protected]

The ritual is open now, and will cap out at 100 people. Orders for this will be sent after the ritual (around March 22-25th)