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Piñon Salve (Jeeh)

Image of Piñon Salve (Jeeh)

My partner grew upon the Navajo (Diné) Reservation, near the Four Corners of the United States. What he remembers most is when he scraped or cut or burned his skin, his father placed jeeh as a topical upon his wound. Jeeh is the Navajo word for pinon sap. Through memory, my partner re-created a salve using olive oil, and beeswax to make his version of a natural Pinon Salve, jeeh

This product is used as a topical treatment for the hands and body. It can be used daily; or, can be placed upon any cracked, scraped, or cut skin to speed up skin recovery. It's healing properties are good for eczema, psoriasis, severe winter skin ailments, and dry lips. It is children and animal friendly, and is a natural healing medicine.

Piñon Salve - 1 oz

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