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Reclaim Candle

Image of Reclaim Candle

This one took me a long time to put together.
This may open old wounds, old traumas, or forgotten memories, So be prepared.
This basically puts a light on areas we gave our power away, left it in an emotional way, or were hurt and forgot who we were in that process.

This one is NOT about intention, it is about calling back to you what you may have lost along the way that can strengthen you on your path going forward. It will be your light, to help conquer fears, self doubt, self sabotage and remove blockages that we subconsciously allowed to set in us to block our growth.
This candle (oil can be worked as well this same way) will be a journey rather than a fast outcome, it will be reclaiming what you thought you lost, it will be the power that fires up your passions and healing.

I went down a deep rabbit hole with putting this one together, not even lighting it, I found myself easily accessing the past that I needed to mentally heal and cut off from stunting my progress.
After 8 weeks of working the candle, now working the oil, I've seen results that even blew me away.

The 7 ministering angels were all conjured in this work as they cover all basis and are some of the safest to work with.

You will need a glass of water for the candle as an offering and that's it.

A journal while I was lighting the candle to jot down things I thought I'd forgotten.

For me, I made it simple and chanted the following. I do this with the oil as well.
"I (your full name) call my guides of past and current, to help me reclaim my personal and spiritual power that I forgot in my past or current moments. I call it to me now to heal and strengthen my mind body & spirit for my path! I call memories that I need to heal and I allow myself to heal and detach from them controlling any part of my life.
May I be restored in every way, remember knowledge from every lifetime & be fearless in my journey. Safe and Protected."

You may say thank you before snuffing candle out, or if you don't light it, put it near your bed to encourage dreams to show you what you need. This & the oil are very active so talk to them, treat them like a living being. and remember who you are!