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Reclaim Oil

Image of Reclaim Oil

Like the candle, this oil can be used to work the same way!
I have been wearing it to bed as I travel a lot during sleep.

This oil will draw your personal power back to you, and soon you'll feel confident in so many things, all over again.

Creating this oil and the candle (on site also) was very personal to me and I went through a rabbit hole of emotions I wasn't prepared to feel but I don't regret it one bit.
We need to remember who we are before traumas or things that made us feel anything less than amazing.

Rub a small amount on your feet and wrist, even a little on the back of your head.

For me, I made it simple and chanted the following.
"I (your full name) call my guides of past and current, to help me reclaim my personal and spiritual power that I forgot in my past or current moments. I call it to me now to heal and strengthen my mind body & spirit for my path! I call memories that I need to heal and I allow myself to heal and detach from them controlling any part of my life.
May I be restored in every way, remember knowledge from every lifetime & be fearless in my journey. Safe and Protected."