Beyond Mediums


RoadOpener/BlockBuster Oil

Image of RoadOpener/BlockBuster Oil

I have been asked to do an oil focused on RoadOpening and BlockBusting, so I created this one March, Spring Equinox, I had to wait the 4 months for it to absorb the elements then as you can see in the photo I conjured some major spirits of each element to help remove obstacles, open doors, and bust away stagnant energy.

This oil doesn't give me any reaction wearing it, and I'm pretty sensitive skin wise, but test a little first, use on candles or even write out a petition and rub on the paper.

when you use it, speak to it, these spirits are designed to do as you ask. example: "All roads are open for me, all blockages are removed, all I desire I acquire"

All legal issues, Money blocks, job blocks, or any energetic blockages that may be lingering.

use it with other work to remove any possible interference so your work will flow smoothly.

It has Hyacinth vine in it which grows everywhere in my yard, and is known to move energy fast and balanced plus a few other special herbs. The smell isn't strong, but you can smell the cardamon, sweet cinnamon and abre camino root. Has a light sweet natural scent.

I'm pretty proud of this oil.