Beyond Mediums


Saint Michael(Archangel) Pendant

Image of Saint Michael(Archangel) Pendant

These are very special, 3 days of intense ritual work, soaked in whiskey, engulfed in fire until the whiskey burns off while the evocation of Archangel Michael was spoken over them. His seal burned to ash and rubbed on each pendant, YHVH chanted to wake his power, then I reiki them with Usui to add the light they need to banish all negativity from you, to protect from all darkness and heavy energies, protect you from hexes and other negative workings, and to block all jealousy, gossip and hate from even touching you.

You may say prayers to him through this pendant, or simply kiss the pendant before putting on speaking what you want to help with.

It is normal to feel a slight zing, or even light headed for a moment until you adjust to this energy.

I don't have a ton of these, for now. so when they sell out, it may be a while when I get more to work.

When you get your pendant, it will feel oily to the touch, it is skin safe and will wear off with time, it's his oil and is feeding him this way.

Comes with one pendant and one 24 inch chain in a pouch.

If they start to change in color, simply use a silver cleaning cloth to wipe down.