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Sanctus 7 Candle

Image of Sanctus 7 Candle

This is one of the safest seals to work with for anyone, This is the seal of 7, these 7 in this order are very powerful and will come with full instructions. proper pronunciation & the best way to really obtain what you need in life.

I love all my archangels but this 7 with this seal, it's something impressive and if you ever feel desperate or in a stuck and tight spot, call them on this seal and watch movement happen.

7 planets, 7 divine names, 7 signs, 7 Archangels. on a 7 day candle.

Archangel MICHAEL: Protection, Destroys all hexes curse & ill will. Protector of animals, homes, cars, family.

Archangel GABRIEL: Healing, Visions, Emotional balance

Archangel TSAFKIEL: Breaking Karmic cycles, removing all attachments from any lifetime and balancing the scales in your favor.

Archangel ZADKIEL: Magick, power, money, material possessions & Love & Luck

Archangel SAMUEL: Venom of the gods, destroyer of enemies and evil

Archangel RAPHAEL: Miracles, Healing, protection from most illness

Archangel HANIEL: Mystic of the Gods, Establish your own true gifts thru him, ancient knowledge and reveals truths. Brings modalities to help you know your power.