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Saturn Oil

Image of Saturn Oil

One of the planetary oils to add to my ongoing list of planetary and seal magick.

This oil has handmade black salt with the ashes of three pentacles of Saturn after the invocations of the seals.

what does it do? Well, you can wear it for a layer of protection as it will act as a mirror and reverse any dark work or dark spirits sent to the wearer.

Use on a candle to bind your target, destroy their workings and reverse all dark intentions towards you, your home, loved ones, business etc.

There is three seals used in this oil that have been invoked and are very active, the salt acts as a grounder to keep these spirits in place until told what to do.

If you want to know the extent of these seals, you may research 1st 3rd and 4th seals of Saturn.

This is a must for any worker!

Note: speak to this oil while using it, telling it exactly what to do and be done. it is potent and will aid in many things.