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Sun Oil

Image of Sun Oil

all of 2023 the jars sat out in my sunniest side of the yard, through all weather heat and cold.

With herbs like sweet autumn clematis, echinacea & roses from our yard, chunks of sandalwood and jasmine flower all saturated in this lovely oil.

I am putting this through a vigorous ritual with two seals of the sun to enhance it.

what is the Sun oil for?
My main purpose was to help with my own seasonal depression. worn on wrists when I'm feeling down or depleted.

-Revitalizing ourselves
-Empowering our mental state
-Enhancing all our magick work or healing work
-Mental boost

I did a few large jars of this one and can't wait for everyone to experience it.

This is not based on intentions, as spirit is very present in it, but intentions will magnify it.