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The 7 rite

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7 Ministering angels: Interdimensional spirits:

I was very hesitant to release this , but after posting the 7 group ritual, I've gotten asked so many times I figured just release a certain amount. (note: I use way bigger candles for the group rituals because of so many people on them)

This is work from my Fathers collection. I have several magickal workings from him but will only release some.

This set is very special to me, although the name implies they are angels, they are truly celestial rather than angels.

You will need to carve the names of each on the candles, and each day for 7 days call them with a petition that will be included.

They do not have set days, or planets, so you can start anytime.

They cover just about everything, and the more you work with them, the more they honor your commitment and will work with you. They can be worked with any workings you have in progress and they do not interfere with other deities.

YOU MUST do them 7 days in a row, and follow the instructions, with time you will be able to add your own words and build your petitions to them.

They are realm spirits, and work particularly in the material world, they balance out energies when working so you don't need to worry about kickback etc.

The set includes -
7, 5 Inch (5-6 hour burn) candles.
- a dish to burn them in each day
-half ounce of Spirit oil to connect them easier.

You may use you own candles after and dress and bless them per instructions.

These 7 have been a staple in my life for a very long time, and with time, the results are pretty spectacular BUT you have to do the work.

This is a great way to find your strengths and see how powerful YOU ARE!

It's normal to see little orbs of light when working these ones, and the energies manifest that way. (you may not see them, but it is common)

Dreams will intensify and you may also experience signifigant Deja Vu's.

I will slowly share more of my Fathers work when I feel it's right.

Warning: they will remove blockages, physical mental & spiritual. sometimes you will have intense nightmares, upheavals etc. not always, but it is common when things are being removed & realigned.