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The "Black" Candle

Image of The "Black" Candle

You all now these are very limited, as I do them once every 2 months or so.
This will be my last batch until middle of next month.

These will break most bad work, on you, your loved ones and a great way to clear up generational past dark work.

It's also a fast reversal candle, and you can absolutely send the work back to your targets.

These are loaded with heavy energy (heavy on Saturn) and I suggest you do this work outside of your home, or near an open window away from your usual work space.
It is also a protection candle for you, and will put up a wall of protection so there is no kick back of any kind.

It is NOT for everyone, if you feel hesitant, DON'T Purchase it.
Once Sold out, it will be removed off site.

****** Results may vary, and being a curio, it is not guaranteed. DO NOT ingest any part of this product. *****

Keep away from animals and children. The herbs are not safe to ingest whatsoever.