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Universus: Oil (1 full year outside) LMTD

Image of Universus: Oil (1 full year outside) LMTD

Every year I start 2-3 huge jars of oil, place them accordingly in our yard to receive the best energies from every planetary and earth cycle. This batch is some massive energy! woo!

What does the oil do?

Well, it's been brewing in the Southwest corner of our yard where they can receive all the planetary movements and absorb all the moon cycles, sun cycles, and planetary movements for an entire calendar year. The vines grew around the jars and brought in the earth energy and the protection that the vines provide.

This oil will be not only protective, but will move in a way to help you attract your desires, health and healing, connection to your guides, spiritual path, meditation & dreams, financial gain etc.

If you are having issues moving forward, simply place some and rub between your hands while focusing on your goal, imagining that anything in the way is moving out of the way. Wear before going into a job interview for optimal odds, place some in your hands before gambling etc. It's my only oil I've made with sugar in it to help sweeten any situation you may need to work in your favor. It'll smell like that rich Mahogany wood that's been in it for the entire duration.

Universus: Meaning, Combined into one (latin root)

This will be prayed over, and candles worked until end of year. It'll be bottled and ready to ship after the 5th.