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Viarum Spring Eclipse Oil LMT supply

Image of Viarum Spring Eclipse Oil LMT supply

First: The name, Viarum, Latin rooted, meaning "Roads"
Second: This Oil won't start mailing until after the 9th of April. after the 2nd ritual is complete.

This is a very special oil and you will feel some intense stuff with it. This is going through both eclipses, March 25th and the upcoming April 8th.
Two phase oil, Two Separate rituals.

Let me explain this oil and why is a bit different than most other eclipse oils I've done.
The first eclipse was a intense blockbuster, removing inherited karmic cycles, self sabotage patterns, and getting in our own way, when we get in our own way we create energies that put up walls we need to tear down, this first ritual was all that with protection to finish.

The 2nd eclipse on April 8th
in this ritual will be all focused on bringing your light back to creative thinking, financial stability, and a more abundant mindset.

Use this oil in your personal work, on your own candles or wear it to allow luck and more opportunities to find you!

Some sample mantras I would use personally:
"I am aligned with money and money is aligned with me"
"I accept the energies of opportunities and abundance into my life"
"I am financially stable and abundantly connected"
"I am creative in every step of my life, I make money at what I love doing"

You can change these to whatever you'd like.

Now, I usually make 5 large bottles of Eclipse Oils, but because I have very little room for more products in my home, I am only making enough for 100 total bottles. So, when it's gone, it's gone. until end of year eclipse oils are made.(still won't be like this one)

Because I want enough to go around, no 4oz of this oil. only half ounce and 2 ounce.