Beyond Mediums


Volo (Desire/Wish)

Image of Volo (Desire/Wish)

Much like my abundance candle, this one needs to burn and let burn in one go, it will burn for anywhere from 2-6 hours.

The color may vary as they change when they dry.

This will be 1 of 6 candles in this powerful magick invocation work I'll be releasing over the next few months.

Herbs, Oils and the ritual of the seal of Dominion/Fortune (Second Seal of Moses) are all in these power packed candles. The second seal is the second image and you can save it and download it if you want to, although not necessary.

This one will require some work on your part, photos of you, photos of want you want or desire, you can write them all into one petition for yourself if you'd like. and a glass of water, burning towards the west. (yes this is important)
Carve your name into the candle, starting at top to bottom, For instance, Seth..S would be at top, H would be at bottom.

Make sure this is in a fire proof dish of some sort, once those herbs get going, it'll go fast!

AFTER this is done burning, you may add pieces of the wax to any of your future work to enhance it! Or you can toss it. ( although I'd bury it in a pot or yard near your home.

I'm really excited to for this one, as it's one I use for myself every month. You can speak to it as so : "My intent is to ask the infinite potentiality to bring me" then list your desire(s) - when you are done, say thank you, as it's a done deal.

If you need a fireproof dish with the candle you can select that option below and I'll include one of the ones I usually use (new of course)

Note: working this candle and the Seal of Moses that it's worked with is like a slow stream moving downward slowly to fill every hole, crack and nook and cranny to make sure its not missing anything, sometimes you'll see super fast results, other times you'll see them slowly popping up. Either way, this one really helps me in my best and worst times.