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Clarity Trio

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This candle is charged with energy to help cultivate clarity. It is designed to help un-muffle the noise, clear the mind, and un-cloud judgment by accessing the precision of decision making.

The candle is accompanied by a selenite gemstone which magnifies multiple vibrations (spiritual, energetic, intention work, etc.). Selenite also helps strengthen the memory.

A full size spiritual foot-scrub to help open blockages in your feet. We carry a lot in our feet and usually the root issue is our feet.

With both candle and gemstone, each will work together by making clear connection with spirits and spirit guides, by helping the individual fine tune their intention work.

This candle was personally designed and charged with the intent to help those seek fruition, to seek coherent thought, and to be lucid. It was made especially for those clients who wished for clarity and peace of mind.

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