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Bind & Reverse Candle

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Warning: The user of this candle must be sure of their tormentor. This candle is designed to fuck up someone's world. There is no undoing, no oops, no going back. A lot of time and energy is placed into this candle and needs careful contemplation.

➣ Are you tired of feeling helpless?
➣ Do you feel the power behind someone's hateful words?
➣ Do you feel hindered, as if someone is using magick against you?

This candle is charged with power to kick any unwanted intent by those who sent them. A reversal of bad work is this candle's purpose: to block, to bind, and return to sender is the candle's objective.

The Bind & Reverse Candle will burn in its entirety for about 5 to 7 days. This candle is designed for you only, and no one else to use. To bind is a powerful ritual that hinders the original sender. There will be no residual kick back, no karma in reflecting their intent back towards them. This candle is a protector within itself and protects you from future harm from those who did the original work.

Delicate instructions will accompany this powerful product when shipped.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER [because I have to]: all items sold as curio only--nothing is guaranteed. Please do not ingest any listed products. Merchant is not responsible for any reverse or adverse action.