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Clarity Candle

Image of Clarity Candle

➣ One Clarity Candle [5 to 7 day burn]

Made especially for those who have asked to create a candle charged with energy to help cultivate clarity. This candle is designed to help unmuffle the noise, clear the mind, and un-cloud the mind by accessing the precisions of decision making.

I personally designed this candle and charged each candle with the intent to help those seek fruition, to seek coherent thought, and to be lucid. It was made especially for my clients who wished for clarity and peace of mind.

Instruction will accompany the product when shipped.

✷✷✷ For $10 more, I will personally burn a purchased candle upon one of my altars. Please email for an invoice of the financial difference [shipping cost will be deducted]. To conduct rituals, I will need personal information to begin this simplistic process.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER [because I have to]: all items sold as curio only--nothing is guaranteed. Please do not ingest any listed products. Merchant is not responsible for any reverse or adverse action.