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Saint Cyprian Group Ritual

Image of Saint Cyprian Group Ritual


This is a two part group ritual.

1st Tuesday of each month I'll be doing the main ritual on your behalf with Saint Cyprian.

He is great at road opening, removing any bad work on you, removing generational bad work and opening new doors of opportunity. Including new or current business adventures. He will also speed up work in progress. He's also a fierce protector over whom seek him or utilize his work. Will help to open channels of healthy love in your life and bring stability in many areas.

2nd part to this, I will charge a purple pillar candle with your petition and mail it to you to burn on your own to get that connection and energy really flowing. It will only come oiled and with his energy. The oil is skin safe, but test a spot first. I rub it into my hands from the candle before the working.

You may carve your name on it before burning also.

A glass of water is all you need next to him while burning it.

in the notes during purchasing, I'll need your first and last name, date of birth and a small petition.

You may join each month if you like.