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Spiritual Cleanse DUO

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I am personally proud to announce this cleansing combination:

➣ One Fixed-Intention Candle [5 to 7 day candle]
➣ One Cleansing Bath Bomb [Florida-water, black salt, and sage]

This cleansing bath will be the simplest spiritual bath you have ever taken! It is designed to help cleanse the inner-spirit and loosen any lingering attachments to the body, while disconnecting emotional connections of the mind, and/or releasing any residual energy that may hinder the user's psyche.

Instruction will accompany the product when shipped.

✷✷✷ For $10 more, I will personally burn a purchased candle upon one of my altars. Please email for an invoice of the financial difference [shipping cost will be deducted]. To conduct rituals, I will need personal information to begin the process of healing.

Please note: All bath bombs are locally-handcrafted with natural products and blessed by Mollie at There is no messy cleanup, no staining, and no worry involved, as each bath bomb is bio-degradable [except the wrapper].

LEGAL DISCLAIMER [because I have to]: all items sold as curio only--nothing is guaranteed. Please do not ingest any listed products. Merchant is not responsible for any reverse or adverse action.